LOLPVP is the #1 PVP server in the world of Minecraft. It is voted the #1 PVP server at Minecon.

You can email us directly at and we always try to answer within 1 day. Please read the info below before emailing us.

LOLPVP features a unique style of PVP that includes custom weapons and armor sets. This adds a very fun tier system that you must build your way up by proving that your PVP skills are the best! The top tier weapons and armors are unique and require a lot of skill to earn, which also adds a role-playing element to the server. You can view all of the weapons and armors in the shop at spawn, and you can buy some of them through the LOLPVP STORE.

Voting is an amazing way for you to earn bonuses like cash, xp, custom items, and more while supporting the server. You earn $1,000 and 100 xp for each vote. Additionally, you earn special bonuses for reaching certain vote milestones (these bonuses include diamonds, in-game cash, and real-life cash), which you can view by typing /vote in-game.

You can vote up to 5 times daily, so please vote for us as much as possible to earn rewards and to show your support for the server! You can vote on the LOLPVP Home Page by clicking the "VOTE" button.

The following things are not allowed on LOLPVP: hacking, spamming, advertising, and doxing. PVP, stealing, and griefing ARE allowed. There are no rules against lying or backstabbing your teammates, so watch out and be careful who you trust!